Fight, point-and-click, puppeteer, puzzle and kick your way through May with these new, free downloads being added to PlayStation Plus' Instant Game Collection.

The PlayStation Blog has revealed the newest downloads being offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers throughout the month of May. Starting on the PS Vita handheld, there is the beautiful side-scrolling platformer, Limbo. Limbo will take you through a breathtaking, atmospheric adventure during which its ingenious use of puzzles and graphics will captivate you. Along with Limbo, PS Vita owners will be able to download Surge Deluxe, which is a puzzle game that has you chaining together color-coordinated blocks before the game's on-screen pipes detonate.

PS3 players with PlayStation Plus will get three titles: Puppeteer, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and Skullgirls Encore. Puppeteer is an award-winning title with absolutely stunning visuals. The game has you playing as the boy-turned-puppet Kutaro and tasks you with undoing your transformation and stopping the evil Moon Bear King. PES 2014 is soccer at its finest while using Kojima Production's FOX Engine, which means the world's most popular sport will be played on even greener grass. Skullgirls Encore is a modern day tribute to the Marvel vs. Capcom series with a roster of wacky, animated females who are all filled with personality and quirkiness.

Lastly, PlayStation 4's PS Plus subscribers will get to download Stick it to the Man! This point-and-click title tosses together platforming, puzzles and old-school PC game traditions mixed in with a unique, cartoony art style. You play as a regular guy who one day wakes up to see a giant, pink ghost hand floating out of his head. This strange appendage gives your character psychic abilities that he must use to solve the weird occurrences that are happening around him.

Look forward to these games when they become available to download for free on the PlayStation Network with a PlayStation Plus subscription.