Kotobukiya is continuing its line of video game Bishoujo statues with Mass Effect 3's Commander Shepard, and BioWare is offering an exclusive version through its online store.

Due out in March 2013, the female Commander Shepard statues will retail for $65. The standard version comes with the fan-voted red hair, and includes interchangeable hands to wield either an Omni Blade or the M55 Argus Rifle, with the other reaching out as if firing off biotic powers.

The BioWare exclusive edition (limited to less than 2,500 pieces), sports black locks, and will have a set of alternate hands to interchange either biotic blasts or hold the N7 Eagle Pistol. The other arm will feature the Omni Blade. There will also be exclusive multiplayer bonus items for either the Xbox 360 or PC included with the exclusive version.

Previously Koto released a Liara T'Soni Bishoujo statue. The company also has plans for a male version of Shepard to be released in May 2013.