Gamers who bought the PlayStation Vita in its early days will be able to get cash, PlayStation Store credit or one of three game bundles due to a class action lawsuit.

Polygon reports that if you bought your PlayStation Vita before June 2012, you will be able to receive some free stuff in response to a class action lawsuit that Sony lost, where the courts ruled that the company falsely advertised what the Vita was capable of. This free stuff can come in the form of cash, a bundle of Vita and PS3 games or $25 in PlayStation Store credit, but make sure you act fast because if you don't complete the online form at by June 29, you'll be out of luck. You will need to input the serial number of your Vita to make sure you're not trying to swindle Sony, but it's easy enough.

While there is no set date for when users will get their rewards, we do know what those rewards are. You can either choose from a $25 check, $25 in credit on the PlayStation Store or one of the three game bundles below that include PS3 and Vita games:

  • Action/Adventure— Regular retail prices totaling $92.95
  • Family Friendly— Regular retail prices totaling $100.46
  • Variety Pack— Regular retail prices totaling $66.46
    • PS3 — God of War Collection and LittleBigPlanet 2
    • PlayStation Vita — ModNation Racers: Road Trip and Unit 13

You can submit your claim via a form that you will be led to from the Vita claims website. It is in PDF form and the PlayStation Vita owner will be asked to complete the form and mail it to a physical address by June 29 in order to be considered.