Gamers who'd like to stream some music while they play get a huge boost as Spotify and its 30 million songs head to PlayStation consoles, and you won't need PlayStation Plus to use it.

Spotify will replace Sony's Music Unlimited program, which we assume few knew about and even fewer knew how to properly operate, as the new, go-to place for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners to stream music, Polygon reports. The PlayStation version of Spotify will also take advantage of the Spotify Connect feature, which allows players to control the Spotify app on the PlayStation via their Android or iOS device without having to leave their current gaming session. Spotify was already cool on its own, but Spotify Connect is a damn convenient feature.

Sony and Spotify are also offering two perks for previous Music Unlimited subscribers and those new to the Spotify scene. Music Unlimited members with accounts active as of March 29 are eligible for two free months of Spotify's ad-free Premium service (normally $9.99 per month), while new and existing free Spotify subscribers who have never entered a free trial of Premium can do so through PlayStation for one month.

"This was a real collaboration [between Sony and Spotify], to make sure it really fits the PlayStation audience and kind of stays true to what Spotify is," said Eric Lempel, Sony Network Entertainment's Business and Operations Vice President.

If you're new to Spotify and own a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, now is the time to see if the streaming music service is right for you, as those free months of Premium are worth at least a trial run. PlayStation's music services just received a huge boost, and we're wondering if the folks at Microsoft will have any major music app changes to answer with in return.