Reserving yourself a copy of Diablo 3 for the PlayStation 3 will net you an exclusive item, which grants bonus experience right out of the gate.

While the console version has been known to be coming for a few months, Blizzard hasn't announced when Diablo 3 will be making its way onto the PS3. Though it's now available for pre-order, we still don't have an exact date. However, Blizzard has revealed the console exclusive pre-order incentive for fans eager for a chance to play Diablo 3 with a controller.

Available at Walmart, Amazon, and GameStop, the Infernal Helm is a PS3-exclusive item. With it, players are granted bonus experience. It's not clear just how much bonus XP will be doled out with the helm, or what level players must be to don the item, but in-game loot will certainly make Diablo 3 fans happy. No word on what to expect with the PlayStation 4 version also in development.