Intrepid PC gamer MonstrousD3 seemed to be growing tired of looking at the same old viewpoint while playing Diablo III, so he took it upon himself to mess around with the game's camera angles, and in doing so discovered that the game takes on a whole new life when the player is given a fresh set of eyes.

The video above shows the fruits of his labor, turning the Diablo III point of view from the isometric top-down standard to a third-person perspective a la World of Warcraft, and the results are pretty interesting. The new WoW vibe seems to immerse the player even more into the battles being waged, especially at the end when fighting against Diablo himself, or would that be herself?

The only drawback to this video, however, is that the player's character never moves, so we have no idea how the camera holds up in normal action. MonstrousD3 address this in the comments, saying that his character actually moves faster than the camera can track when viewed this way. Well that certainly puts a damper on things, but we hope that he can get it fixed and turn this into a full-on mod, as other commenters seem to be pleased with his work.

We love the new way to play Diablo, but watching this footage gives us even bigger ambitions: World of Diablo. A full Diablo MMO in the vein of World of Warcraft, one of the most successful MMOs of all time? How could we pass that up? WoW spawned by making an MMORPG out of one of Blizzard's famous RTS series, so why not try this? Hopefully seeing this game in a new way will give Blizzard a new perspective on a future Diablo title... if there ever will be a future Diablo title.

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