Although there are some diehard fans who would love Diablo to remain in its PC universe, the gaming train keeps moving. Blizzard released their Diablo 3 console sizzle reel, and it looks pretty fantastic.

The lucky ones are the gamers who are attending the PAX East conference, as they are among the first folks to get a shot at playing Diablo 3 on PS3. PC enthusiasts may claim that the console version can never replicate the visual power of their own laptops or desktops, but it's great to see Diablo 3's seamless and smooth action displayed in the console universe.

The ability to play Diablo 3 offline with four players on the same console is a huge selling point for the title. "But we really felt that playing offline, and being able to move your console from the living room to your bedroom, which a lot of players do to play, is really important," said Diablo 3 lead designer Joshua Mosquiera In an interview with Penny Arcade Report."

Check out the Diablo 3 gameplay footage below and tell us what you think!