Today's Cosplay of the Day focuses on the female Wizard from Blzzard's Diablo 3. Let's take a look at this dangerously arcane beauty!

The Wizard showed great power and potential, but was seen as unwieldy and uncontrollable by her teachers. In order to slake her thirst for more power and fulfill what she believed to be her destiny, she went off into the world to gather more knowledge. The Wizard has the ability to slow down time, teleport, and turn herself into a being of unimaginable magical power, but she does it all while looking so damn attractive, making her a very dangerous foe indeed.

Here is German cosplayer Laura Jensen as the Wizard, complete with her clawed gauntlet, a spiked pauldron, and a nifty staff topped with a crystal. Now, she could have chosen any outfit to portray the Wizard, since Diablo 3 is a game with crazy amounts of loot drops and unique pieces of gear, but we like her choice of the "default" costume. We can't really tell from the pictures whether or not the crystal on the staff is really glowing, but we'll give her some bonus points even if it isn't, because this outfit looks so very good.

Come take a look at her deviantART page to see more awesome cosplay, including her take on Diablo 3's Demon Hunter and Skyrim's Dovahkiin!