Tetris has come a long way since the days of the Game Boy and NES. People are playing it on the side of major city buildings, and now one man has designed a T-shirt that will let you play the classic puzzle game on your own body.

Marc Kerger made the shirt, which uses 128 LED lights and a microboard from Arduino Uno and only requires two AA batteries to power it. Buttons on the side of the playing board will help you move and rotate the blocks before quickly dropping them into the level.

We have two immediate thoughts: first, wouldn't it be odd to play the game while wearing the shirt? The game would be flipped upside down, so the blocks would fall up instead of down, and that would throw everything off. That'd be like holding a Game Boy upside down, and who does that?

Second and more importantly, this shirt makes us wonder where else we'd want to play Tetris in the future. How about a coffee table with mini-lights in the glass? Perhaps we could use a crane and giant blocks to play some sort of life-sized Tetris. Since Tetris is 30 years old this year, we want to see some wacky, out-there Tetris playing, and we hope some YouTube personality is thinking of something crazy.

No word yet if the shirt will become commercially available, but we'd sure love to try it out.

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