Forget that scene in 'American Psycho,' this is the business card that would have really leave Patrick Bateman wide-eyed.

TechCrunch has reported on Kevin Bate's alternative business card, the Arduboy. The Arduboy is roughly the size of your average business card, but with the amazing capacity to play everyone's favorite Soviet building block game, Tetris. This card features a micro-controller, a tiny speaker and a mini-OLED screen. Given the monochrome color screen of the screen, playing on this card is very reminiscent of the 1989 version of Tetris on the original Game Boy handheld.

Kevin Bates is hoping to one day crowdfund the Arduboy business card. We hope that Bates is successful with his venture so that people can make their own personalized, Tetris-playing business cards as they build those nerdy networks.

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