Things move fast in the world of Pixel People. Just recently developer LambdaMu released a big content update that added plenty of new stuff to this fun game. Now, only a few weeks later, they are at it again and another update that adds new missions, jobs, and buildings to the pixelated city builder. Oh, there's also a bunny.

A bunny? We didn't know Easter was a month-long celebration. But you have until April 30th to locate nine different Easter eggs throughout the game in order to add the bunny to your gene-splicing roster.

Six new buildings are also available, including the Chemical Plant, the Beach House and the Carnival. There are also some hidden buildings (as well as jobs), that you will be able to uncover. Between all this and the recent update, even the craziest of Pixel People fiends will have plenty to keep them occupied.

You can download Pixel People for free from the App Store today.