Attention pixel peeps, it's time to rejoice. The latest update to the addictive city builder Pixel People is here and LambdaMu Games has packed it full of tons of new features!

First and foremost, there are 40 new missions that are ready for you to take on with your teeming city of pixelated residents. But you won't be going at these with the same old roster and equipment.

In addition to the 55 new jobs that have been included, there are nine unlockable genes, which brings the total of new Pixel People up to 64. There are also 13 new buildings and 12 new pets that you can adopt. Tons of new content!

There are also a few gameplay changes and adjustments here and there, with LambdaMu making an effort to tune things up to make the experience even smoother.

If you haven't nabbed the Pixel People yet, now is the perfect time to start! You can download the latest update from the App Store right now.