The man in charge of Xbox has spoken about the future of Xbox Live's Games With Gold program.

At last week's Game Developers Conference, IGN interviewed Microsoft Studios VP, and now Xbox Creative Team leader, Phil Spencer about the importance of letting the Xbox One in on the Games With Gold program. Spencer acknowledged its importance and that they're focusing on the needs of the gaming community. Spencer mentioned that "it might not look exactly the way things have looked in the past."

Hopefully, Spencer is right, because many of the offerings with the Games With Gold program were quite lackluster, especially when compared to the free, monthly games offered for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Combined with the fact that the PlayStation 4 has already been having a new downloadable title for free each month, Games With Gold is still substantially behind PlayStation Plus in terms of quality to the point where this could be one of the factors as to why the Xbox One is still vastly behind the PlayStation 4 in terms of console sales.

"The easiest way for me to answer it is to say from the time we initially announced this box, we’ve had feedback from people around how they would like multiple parts of the program to work," Spencer told IGN. "I think we’ve tried to respond to the feedback that we’ve received. We can’t always do exactly what people want for many different reasons, but we try to be open in terms of what we’re thinking about. So feedback to Xbox 360’s Games With Gold is being heard as we think about any future plans we might announce. The feedback loop is definitely active and we want to make sure we’re trying to match what customers want."

April's offerings for the Games With Gold program are a lot better than anything we've seen before, but we still have yet to see an Xbox One download.