Lady Croft, Thomas, the undead and even more monsters are going to be the free offerings for PS Plus members during the month of March.

The PlayStation Blog has unveiled the free downloadable titles offered for PlayStation Plus members for next month, and it is quite the collection. First, we have Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PlayStation 4. This title brings the run-and-gun to next-gen as you play a frenzied top-down shooter. The Apocalypse Edition of Dead Nation streamlines its graphics engine and offers extra game modes that were never seen in the previous versions of Dead Nation.

For PlayStation 3 owners, there are three free games being offered. Tomb Raider was one of last year's best titles, which is a perfect example of how to properly reboot a fallen franchise. Thomas Was Alone is a solid indie platformer that revolves around guiding rectangles through a course of obstacles and platforms where jumping, planning and protection are essential. Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut is a survival horror adventure title where you must escape a disease-ridden city. Lone Survivor gives you a variety of options in trying to escape. You can use stealth or go through levels guns-blazing. Mental health, sleeping and eating are all attributes your character must tend to as you continue to look for an exit from the city.

PlayStation Vita owners with a PS Plus member are in luck as they get both Unit 13 and Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite. Unit 13 is a fast-paced, dual stick tactical shooter that is meant for on-the-go gameplay. Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite offers 100s of hours of gameplay as you try to take down gargantuan monsters, collect their spoils and use what you find to create new sets of armor and weapons to hunt down even bigger beasts. If you have a save from Monster Hunter: Freedom 2, you are able to transfer it to Freedom Unite.