Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios' VP, now has the future of the Xbox in his hands.

In an official posting on the Xbox Wire, Phil Spencer, Vice President of Microsoft Studios, has come forward saying that he is now in charge of the Xbox and Xbox Live creative teams. This means that Spencer will be also in charge of Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Microsoft Studios, which have all merged together with the Xbox's creative teams.

Earlier today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced these changes to the Microsoft staff, to which Spencer immediately took public, showing his take-charge yet honest attitude. Spencer has been very fan-oriented throughout his stay at Microsoft and regularly responds to fans' inquiries and opinions about Microsoft products on his Twitter. Spencer has stated that the company's goal is staying committed to the need of the gaming community with innovative technology, including developers of all types with the ID@Xbox program in order to present a more diverse library of titles and that Xbox will proceed to meet the high expectations of its fanbase.

We can't wait to see what Spencer and Microsoft will have in store for us this June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.