In a few months, many gamers will have to make a decision: Xbox One or PS4? How do you choose? Well, we're here to help, with our list of come up with this list of 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One is Better Than the PS4. There are lots of rumors out there, and plenty of blind console loyalty, but how do the consoles really differ? In terms of specs, the two consoles are virtually identical. So we decided to take a look elsewhere in these consoles' launch lineups, policies, and plans for the future. The Xbox One is leading in terms of games and features, but is losing in terms of pricing and credibility with fans. Let's take a look at 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One is Better Than the PS4.

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    Dedication To Going Digital

    While Microsoft had a rocky start in terms of their online policy, they very frequently stated that they are dedicated to going full digital. Hardcopy games are becoming increasingly obsolete, and having a good digital distribution system will be key in the next generation. That is just one of 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One is Better Than the PS4.

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    Dynamic Achievements

    To be honest, we still don’t even know what Dynamic Achievements are. We just know that Microsoft announced them at the Xbox One reveal and hasn’t said much more about them. Still, they are supposed to change the way you look at achievements and Gamerscore, and we are excited to find out what they are. It will certainly be a big change over PS3 trophies.

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    A Controller That Hasn’t Changed Much

    And now for a guide on how to use the Xbox One controller: do it. The Xbox One controller is almost exactly the same as the 360’s. It’s a little smaller and the triggers are a little tighter, but your hands won’t be cramping, or fat fingering buttons any time soon.

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    Bonuses in Multi-Console Titles

    Lots of AAA titles are getting Xbox One elusive bonuses. Call of Duty will be getting its downloadable content first on Xbox One. FIFA 14 will be getting exclusive Xbox One content. Watch Dogs, also getting exclusive Xbox One content. If you are playing a multi-console title on the Xbox One, chances are you are getting some exclusive bonus.

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    Dedicated Matchmaking

    One reason why the Xbox One might be better than the PS4 is a reason why many think the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3. Microsoft has its own internal matchmaking system via Xbox LIVE. Or, more specifically, Microsoft has a way to pair up people to good connections. Sony just sort of let’s programmers figure it out themselves. This has caused Xbox Live to be somewhat more reliable than the PlayStation Network, when it comes to getting low pings and lagless online matches.

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    More Interaction With Your TV

    Quantum Break has been one of the most notable Xbox One titles because of the way it will interact with a TV show branded with the same title. While we don’t know how it will work, we do know that Microsoft is experimenting with interactive TV and episodic gaming. The Xbox One may change far more than just the gaming world, but the television media world as well. Just one of 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One is Better Than the PS4.

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    The Kinect 2

    The Kinect 2 comes bundled with every Xbox One console. This means that game developers can bank on Xbox One owners having a sensitive motion detector and a powerful HD camera. Since the Kinect 2 works off of simple USB connections, it also means that anyone who purchases an Xbox One will also get an HD camera. It's great for making vidcasts, and is wonderful for fostering game communities via Skype or VOIP.

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    Experimental Pricing

    Many indie titles have come out that have changed the way we look at videogame pricing. However, Microsoft is experimenting with AAA pricing as well. Killer Instinct will actually be a free to play AAA fighting game! Quantum Break might fiddle with episodic pricing for both its TV show, and game halves. The Xbox One may make the $60 game a thing of the past.

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    Cool Console Exclusives

    The Xbox One definitely has the console exclusive market cornered. Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Titan Fall, Fable Legends -- all Xbox One exclusives. What does the PS4 have? Knack? Certainly not enough to carry a console at launch. Consoles are traditionally sold via their exclusives, so if you were to look at the Xbox One from a classic game industry viewpoint it has a leg up on the PS4.

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    Outstanding Launch Lineup

    It’s hard to deny that the Xbox One is winning in terms of its launch lineup. It has a little bit of something for everyone. If you are looking for console exclusives, look no further than Dead Rising 3. If you want a great multi-console title with bonuses, check out Call of Duty: Ghosts. Maybe Assassin’s Creed IV is more to your liking? Or maybe Forza 5 if you are a racing fanatic? Microsoft has confirmed that these titles and more will be available AT LAUNCH, whereas Sony could only give us a vague 2013 window. A huge day one launch library is the number one reason is our list of 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One is Better Than the PS4.


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