In a few months, many gamers will have to make a decision: Xbox One or PS4? How do you choose? Well, we're here to help, with our list of come up with this list of 10 Reasons why the PS4 is Better Than the Xbox One. There are lots of rumors out there, and plenty of blind console loyalty, but how do the consoles really differ? In terms of specs, the two consoles are virtually identical. So we decided to take a look elsewhere in these consoles' launch lineups, policies, and plans for the future. The PlayStation 4 is experimenting more with streaming, social media, and indie titles, but doesn't have as strong a launch line up or as many exclusive games as the Xbox One. Let's take a look at 10 Reasons why the PS4 is Better Than the Xbox One.

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    Streaming Capabilities

    Now that Sony has teamed up with both UStream and Twitch.TV it will easily be the number one streaming console. Now gaming tournaments do not have to use high powered computers just to broadcast themselves to the internet. They won’t need audio switchers or mixers. They won’t need separate cameras. All they need is the PS4 with the PS Eye and a few microphones. This will make the PS4 the console of choice for game broadcasters everywhere. Just one of 10 Reasons why the PS4 is Better Than the Xbox One.

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    Vita Connectivity

    The Vita is perhaps the PS4’s coolest peripheral. Want to take your game on the go? Switch to the Vita at any time for remote play. Want to use special move shortcuts or simplified RPG menus? Use the Vita’s touch screen. Want a motion controlled or tilt interface? The Vita can do that too! If you are a Vita owner there’s almost no reason not to get a PS4 over an Xbox One because of all the cool new connectivity tricks.

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    PlayStation Plus Bonuses

    While Microsoft is now giving you bonuses for being an Xbox LIVE customer, they don’t compare to the bonuses Sony is giving with PlayStation Plus. Every month PS Plus users get four to six completely free games in their instant game collection, as opposed to Microsoft’s two. Many of these games are big name current AAA titles. It almost doesn’t matter that you need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to play games on the internet now.

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    Enforced Multiplayer

    One of the cool new features of the PS4 is the ability to drop into anyone’s game while in progress and even allow them to control it. What this essentially means is that Sony is enforcing online multiplayer. Take Tales of Xillia for example, which allows for multiplayer play but only locally. Now you can make your own makeshift online party simply by dropping three other online players into the controller 2, 3, and 4 slots.

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    Region Free Gaming

    Are you a game importer? Then the PS4 is better than the Xbox One for you, no contest. Its region free policy allows you to import games like Kamen Rider Bataride, Shonen Jump All-Stars, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle without any problems. Just buy the game, pop it into your system, and play.

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    Social Media

    Like we said before, the PS4 controller has a dedicated share button. They also have teamed up with both UStream and Twitch.TV to allow every PS4 user to stream their games to the internet. The PS4 is also hooked up to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to post updates about game completion, and quickly join games that your friends are playing. If you are the type of person that is always connected online then to you, this is just one of the main Reasons why the PS4 is Better Than the Xbox One.

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    Modular Bundles

    Not interested in getting the new PS4 Eye? Then don’t get it! The fact that the PS4 lets you decide whether or not you want this motion sensing implement makes the PS4 come in at a cool 100 dollars cheaper than the Xbox One. This ability to choose and to save some money in the process certainly makes the PS4 seem better than the Xbox one to anyone in a tight cash situation.

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    Transparent Policies

    The PS4 has always been very upfront about their policies regarding region blocking, DRM, online play, and more. They never said their console had to always be connected to the internet, and they never said they would control the sale of used titles in any way. Sure, Microsoft has pulled a 180 on many of these policies, but Sony had good policies to start with.

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    Experimental Controller

    The PS4 controller may not be as experimental as the Wii U Game Pad, but it’s still pretty new. It has a touch pad, which doubles as a button, and a dedicated share button which will let you take screen caps and video of games that you are playing. It feels very different in your hands as well, but some people like to change up their controller designs once in a while.

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    Commitment to Indie Titles

    Sony has never wavered in their commitment to indie titles and indie developers. The PS3 was home to fantastic indie titles like Flower, Journey, and the recently released Divekick, and the PS4 will continue to help out indie developers by making devkits readily available, and letting developers self-publish on PS4 servers. If you are a fan of the brilliant games that the indiesphere has brought us in the last year, then you love this #1 entry in our list of 10 Reasons why the PS4 is Better Than the Xbox One.


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