Phil Fish participated in the popular Reddit "Ask Me Anything" format yesterday, where he settled in for a long, generous session where he answered over 100 different questions from Fez fans. The watchful eyes over at Joystiq noticed that in one those answers, Fish hinted that the popular Xbox Live puzzle platformer might be headed to iOS.

In late December, Fish stated his intentions to jump Fez onto more platforms, but did not name iOS specifically. But during the Reddit AMA yesterday, Fish went on record that an iOS version is, "highly probable." We are going to take that as a yes, since it seems like Fish wants to get the game onto as many platforms as possible.

But considering the high-falootin' and arty nature of the game, Fish should definitely want to target the Apple demographic. It also seems like it would fit quite well with the touchscreen iOS interface, as many puzzle games seem to do.

Hopefully there will be more information coming soon about an iOS version of Fez. First up though, Fez will hit the PC via Steam on May 1st.