Fez, the delightfully intricate and enjoyable platformer, has surpassed 200,000 downloads on the XBLA. What is next for the plucky indie game?

When it came out, Fez was a darling of the indie game crowd. With its retro styling, innovative gameplay, and fun references to other games and pop culture, it was an instant hit. Although it was plagued with a few glitches, that didn't stop it from selling like gangbusters on the XBLA. Selling over 200,000 copies is nothing to sniff at, and we're glad it has done so well. But what is the future for this little game?

Well, according to the title's creator, Fez eventually will be making it out onto almost every platform. This new support starts when Fez rolls out on the PC May 1st 2013. Soon the retro-enjoyment can be had by everyone with access to an lcd screen.