After being the target of disgruntled hackers, Fez creator Phil Fish announced that he is selling both the Fez IP and his development studio Polytron, as he plans to leave the game industry forever.

Hackers took over the Polytron website and Twitter account early last Friday morning as part of a broad attack on developers embroiled in the midst of a massive wave of online harassment. The hacked sites weren't the worst of the attack; Fish was also a victim of "doxxing," in which hackers acquire personal information like email addresses, banking accounts, and more only to reveal them publicly. According to Polygon, a former Polytron programmer revealed that the company's Dropbox account was compromised, leading to the private information becoming public.

Fish quickly took to Twitter to voice his anger but also to announce his leaving the industry for good: "I would like to announce that Polytron and the Fez IP are now for sale. No reasonable offer will be turned down. I am done. I want out." Fish then closed his account.

We just don't understand the gaming faithful sometimes. This is one of the boldest attacks and attempts at harassment in the wake of the current controversy surrounding numerous independent developers. Combined with the weekend's other hacking events, it has not been a banner August for the gaming community.