Are there days when everything just feels flat to you? Like everything around you has just been flattened and presented in two dimensions? Maybe it's just us ... we should probably stop playing so many video games. Naaah. Then we wouldn't be able to enjoy today's Free App of the Day -- Percepto!

In this clever puzzle game, you play Bruce, a bespectacled lad who has fallen asleep, only to find himself trapped in a strange room that can be flattened into two dimensions. Your goal is to help him find his way out of the door in the room by rotating and compressing things to present you with a new point of view.

After you get the hang of things, the puzzles will increase in difficulty and you will be forced to think in 3D, but move around in 2D. This leads to some fiendeshly clever and simple solutions that won't seem quite so obvious at first. After you solve a room, you will also have the option to go back and try to beat it with as few moves possible.

It's time to open those eyes and view the world from a different perspective. Change your outlook today by downloading Percepto for your iPhone & iPad!