Papo & Yo is one of the most well regarded indie titles on the PlayStation Network, but that and 35 cents will apparently get them a phone call … you know … if pay phones still existed.

According to creator Vander Caballero (via Joystiq), the PS3 sales of Papo & Yo did not actually allow it to make any money. Despite its astounding critical reception, the posted sales only allowed Caballero to begin making up development costs. He didn’t even break even.

"Despite the good sales, the cost of the game has to be covered," he said. "We have covered already parts of the cost of the game, but when it comes out on Steam, we'll make money. Then we'll cover the whole cost of the game."

Well, that gives us a little more insight into why the game is coming to Steam after all this time. Pre-orders for the Steam version of Papo & Yo will open up on April 4th. Anyone who purchases the game between the 4th and the 17th will receive a 10% discount and a full soundtrack absolutely free.