The creator of Papo & Yo has some advice for indie developers looking for a little help when marketing their game. Don't count out being exclusive.

Now, you'd think that signing an exclusivity agreement for one console or another would mean less overall sales. But, Vander Caballero, creator of Papo & Yo, doesn't quit think the same way. In a recent Kotaku interview he said, "So, if someone asks you for exclusivity and it's going to help you to bring out your product into the market, I think that can be good. Sometimes, I think it's the only way to get something out."

He has a point. When you go exclusive, the console manufacturers backing you include your title more in their marketing push. Getting a bit of special treatment from the big boys can help make a game a success. Also, exclusivity doesn't have to last forever. Papo & Yo is due out on Steam soon.

Caballero's words are just as wise as his games. We're anxious to see what he comes up with for their next title.