XSeed will be bringing Pandora's Tower to the Wii (yes, the Wii), on April 16th, and it may one of the final games released for the recently replaced Nintendo console.

The first U.S. trailer for Pandora's Tower paints a picture of an interesting RPG. It's the age-old tale of boy meets girl, girl is changing into a monster, boy must track down other monsters for her to eat to stop the process. What's not to love? There's little to no actual gameplay on display, though the focus on what Pandora's Tower will be about is welcome. XSeed last brought The Last Story to the Wii, which got some fairly favorable reviews. As there haven't been many Wii games released in the past few months, the writing is pretty clearly on the wall that Pandora's Tower may among the last (if not the last), game released for the aging console

Fortunately, if you already upgraded to the Wii U, you'll still be able to play Pandora's Tower. That said, considering how little interest there is likely to be for an RPG on the Wii at retail, you may want to look into guaranteeing yourself a copy ahead of time if this trailer piques your interest.