Ark of the Ages has finally been released for iOS devices, giving Apple fans more reasons to use their iPhones or iPads to hack and slash their way through dungeons.

The game already made its debut on Android devices earlier this month, but now XSEED's first mobile offering has made it onto iOS. Ark of the Ages seeks to combine addictive dungeon-crawling action with the swiping combat that made games like Infinite Blade such a huge hit in the mobile market.

It blends console-quality action/role-playing gameplay with driving metal songs in battle and environments that beg to be explored, switching out between third-person and first-person modes when in engaging in fights. We're sure it will eat up most of your free time in the coming weeks.

The game is available now for $1.99, so pick it up if you want a reason to keep your fingers flying around your screens furiously! Let us know what you think of the game by commenting down below!