The localization gurus at XSEED Games have posted some mysterious teases in regards to what we should expect throughout 2015.

Destructoid reports that XSEED's official Facebook page posted a teaser image that features silhouettes of eight unannounced projects that will be coming out throughout the year. It's a bit hard to make out what are in the silhouettes, but more and more games are being revealed as time progresses. In particular, the folks at NeoGAF are working hard at reaching which game goes with what shadow. Of course, franchises and brands that XSEED's parent company, Marvelous AQL, and its partner, Nihon Falcom, often work with are being examined first.

We previously reported that Tokyo Xanadu, Lord of Magna and Corpse Party: Blood Drive were recently registered by XSEED for future releases. Lord of Manga is the first hidden silhouette, while people have identified Ys: The Ark of Napishtim as another title. Onechanbara Z: Kagura with Nonono appears to be another. Stay tuned and we'll reveal more of XSEED's upcoming projects one more information is revealed.