Whether you love or hate the Final Fantasy series, you've got to admit that its characters have some pretty interesting clothes. So let's take a dip into the wardrobe of the fairly recent Final Fantasy 13 and check out Oerba Yun Fang in today's Cosplay of the Day.

Oerba Yun Fang is the lance-wielding party member in Final Fantasy 13 who is one of the strongest characters in the game. Much like her appearance, she's pretty tough and almost wild, never backing down from a fight and protecting her friends at all costs.

Callesto, an American cosplayer, is wearing Fang's signature sari/top combo and is even sporting her tattoo. But what might be most impressive about the whole ensemble is how she got her hair just right, matching every strand from the character model. It's sort of like a fantasy version of a mullet, which looks cooler than it sounds.

Take a gander at Callesto's work on deviantART and marvel at her blend of Disney, anime, and video game cosplays.

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