With EA, Warner Bros. Interactive and even PlayStation opening their own console game-streaming services, Square Enix casts its lot in a way we weren't expecting.

Gematsu reports that Square Enix has unveiled its upcoming Dive In service. Unlike current game-streaming services, such as PlayStation Now, Dive In will use cloud technology to stream modern console games directly onto your smartphone or tablet device. We're a bit skeptical of how well this works and its efficiency, but Square Enix will be launching Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy VII and Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders at launch. By November, Square Enix plans on adding The Last Remant, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Murdered: Soul Suspect, with Lightning Returns expected in early 2015.

In terms of pricing, this is what you can expect with their converted, US dollar values as well (plus tax):

  • Final Fantasy XIII
    • Three Days – 250 yen ($2.35)
    • 10 Days – 510 yen ($4.80)
    • 30 Days – 1,250 yen ($1.77)
    • One Year – 1,800 yen ($16.95)
  • Final Fantasy VII International
    • Three Days – 200 yen ($1.88)
    • 10 Days – 400 yen ($3.76)
    • 30 Days – 1,000 yen ($9.42)
    • One Year – 1,429 yen ($13.46)
  • Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders
    • Three Days – 150 yen ($1.41)
    • 10 Days – 300 yen ($2.82)
    • 30 Days – 800 yen ($7.53)
    • One Year – 1,185 yen ($11.16)

As of now, this service still remains to be a Japan-exclusive until Square Enix provides an official announcement towards a western release (good luck, we're still waiting for Dragon Quest X). The service will work for both iOS and Android devices and will require a constant Wi-Fi connection of at least 3mbps.