Final Fantasy 13

Lightning's Story Goes 16-Bit in Final Fantasy 13 Retro Vid
For fans of the old school Final Fantasy titles who were on the wall about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, today is your day, even if you never played Final Fantasy 13 at all.
Sure, there were some aspects of Final Fantasy 13's story that were lacking, such as its script and voicing ac…
Cosplay Fantasy
Whether you love or hate the Final Fantasy series, you've got to admit that its characters have some pretty interesting clothes. So let's take a dip into the wardrobe of the fairly recent Final Fantasy 13 and check out Oerba Yun Fang in today's Cosplay of the Day.
Cosplay Fantasy 13!
You know you're in for a treat whenever you see a Final Fantasy cosplayer. The characters often wear such outlandish clothing that it's a wonder that anyone can recreate it in the real world at all. With that said, let's check out Final Fantasy 13's Vanille, our Cosplay of the Da…