Let's take a look at some new screenshots for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. Just don't be shocked if they end up turning into logs after a little while or something.

The port will sport a few features not available to the Wii U version, such as the Xbox 360's SmartGlass functionality that allows players to view their awesome ninja stats on a second screen. A new Golden Scarab upgrade feature has also been announced, along with some info about an upcoming demo.

SmartGlass lets players view personal records, achievements, and strategy videos on a tablet or smartphone. They'll also have the ability to view videos from the community, as well as upload their own gameplay vids.

The Golden Scarab upgrade system is meant to give Ryu Hyabusa a boost. These little critters are scattered throughout the game and will let Ryu unlock new Ninpo or some sweet new weapons to use on the demonic hordes of bad guys.

The demo is supposed to hit before the game's launch date, which is May 5th, 2013. While we wait for more incredible ninja action, let's take a look at the screenshots below that show off the SmartGlass feature, some of the Golden Scarab upgrades, and shots of Kasumi and Momiji!

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