Community leaders and tournament organizers for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round have decided to implement a ban on some of the game's sexier costumes and fans are not happy.

If you have two eyes, heck if you only have one eye, and a brain you know that the Dead Or Alive series is basically all about smooth combos, silly characters and gravity-defying boobs. Kotaku reports that there has been a community uproar after Dead or Alive's community's leaders have implemented, "an over-sexualized costume soft-ban" to their tournament rules. Since Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has been getting a major push for organized tournaments and with these events will be coming an influx of viewers, DoA 5's community leaders decided it would be best to ban its more gratuitous outfits. The HuBBs, the community leader and tournament organizer for Dead or Alive, explained the decision by saying the following:

This is a movement that was discussed by several members of the community to try and help turn around the image that has plagued the franchise. DOA has always been known for its over-sexualized females and just that alone has pushed people away from even trying the game. Sex Appeal in the DOA franchise will never go away but we, the community, want people to take it seriously and started the costume ban at offline tournaments to force people to focus more on the gameplay aspect of the game. This is a soft ban and is at the discretion of the TO running the game at the event. However we HIGHLY encourage people to not use the suggested costumes on stream for something like Top 8.

However, some people are choosing not to see the light. Fans have complained that the ban can be likened to censorship, and the ban only applying to women's costumes is wrong. Others believe this is a fruitless attempt to quiet the fighting community and that it's not staying true to the game's theme to take out something quintessential to its brand just to get more viewers and potential sponsors.

It seems that community leaders are pretty set on this ban for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, but the enforcement of these rules really fall on the organizers of each individual tournament.

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