PC fans looking to join the fight in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round may want to take a gander at its overall system specifications, as you're going to be missing out on what the console versions offer. In particular, online multiplayer will not be available for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on PC for its first three months.

This PC port will be without controller vibration for the gamepads it supports, which isn't a big loss. Missing Achievements despite Steam having its own Achievement system set might anger a few completionists out there, while losing two stages for no apparent reason and the graphics being more akin to the PS3 version instead of the better-looking PS4 edition will definitely disappoint DoA fans who want the full experience.

However, we think the biggest missing piece for most players will certainly be the lack of online features. For some unknown reason, the online components for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on PC will have zero online capabilities until they're patched in later on, which Koei Tecmo says is "scheduled to be added via patch within 3 months of release." Fighting games build their popularity on the ability to play against other people, so this is a huge absence.

In the modern gaming age, leaving online out of one major version of a game while offering it in another is pure insanity. Maybe if it was 2005, this would be acceptable. PC gamers will be angry about being shortchanged and will either wait for the patch or won't buy it at all, while those who play both PC and console will forget about the Steam version and just pick up the console port. We hope that online patch comes sooner than later, or this PC port should just be renamed Dead In The Water.