To almost no surprise, the PC modding community has already started releasing mods for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round that turn the scantily-clad female fighters in the game into non-clad female fighters. The only surprising thing is how they came within 24 hours of the game's launch. We thought it'd be less than that.

Kotaku reports that the mods, coming from such websites as "Lustful Illuminations," have made their way into the game, despite DoA5 director Yohei Shimbori telling MCV that his team didn't want these kinds of changes made to the game, or else it may make them reconsider PC releases in the future. Perverts threatening perverts is rather silly when you think about it.

“We would like to ask PC users to play our game in good moral and manner," Shimori said. "Otherwise, we won’t be able to release a title for PC again.”

We admire Director Shimori and the rest of Team Ninja for trying to convince the PC modding community not to make these kinds of things, but come on now. As soon as we heard the name "Dead or Alive 5" and the term "PC" together, we knew this sort of thing was coming. It's rather hard for a development team that takes great lengths to leave as little to the imagination in their femme fatales as possible to then take the moral high ground when it comes to modding the rest of the lack of imagination into the game.

We're not going to show any of the offending pictures in this article, as there could be little ones lurking around these parts, but a quick Google search or a click of the Kotaku link above will take you where you want to go.