One of the most feared creatures of Hylian lore is back with a ginormous vengeance in this gameplay video of Hyrule Warriors' final DLC pack.

Polygon reports that the final downloadable content pack for Hyrule Warriors will give you the ability to play as a giant Cucco. You read that right, you can play as a giant chicken. These birds have been a part of the Zelda franchise since A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Cuccos are pieces of poultry that are usually docile until Link starts messing with them. Hitting them with a sword or picking them up will freak them out and make them run away. If Link corners one and repeatedly strikes it, it eventually gives out a frightened shriek that summons all the other Cuccos in the area to go to war on the Kokiri hero. Now, the biggest Cucco of them all has arrived, waiting to wage war on Ganondorf's forces.

The giant Cucco will be included as a part of the Ganon DLC pack, which makes the Dark Beast form of Ganon a playable character. It's only right that another gigantic beastie comes along for the ride. This big chicken will be unlocked if you can score an A ranking in Ganon's DLC survival missions. Just watch as the behemoth Cucco damages enemy platoons by flapping its wings, pecking and rolling around the battlefield.

While no launch date has yet been set, we have a feeling the Dark Beast Ganon DLC for Hyrule Warriors will debut soon.