In case you haven't heard, The Simpsons: Tapped Out is kind of a big deal. In a recent post on their Facebook fan page, EA showed off the numbers that have made the game the highest grossing app around the world. The latest update has removed the Halloween Content and moved on to Thanksgiving. So what does this mean for the residents of Springfield?

For one thing, there's far less Thanksgiving episodes of The Simpsons to pull content from. So far, it looks like they've added several Thanksgiving Day style balloons that are available for purchase - Blinky, Santa's Little Helper Balloon, Snowball 2 and Itchy and Scratchy.

Inflating them them in your virtual Springfield is not just to make it look festive. The balloons will give you bonuses as well. Santa's Little Helper will boost your vanity rating, while Itchy gives you a little extra money and XP for all jobs. This is a good thing, since buildings only get more and more expensive the higher your level gets. We just emptied the bank building the prison.

The balloons will only be available for a limited time, presumably through the holiday. In addition to the new content, the update also improves the game's performance, which should hopefully result in fewer instances of this:

We were disappointed to see that all the Halloween candy we had built up just disappeared instead of being transferred into some sort of Thanksgiving related currency -- gravy boats anybody? The other Halloween stuff, including all the pumpkins, cemeteries, cauldrons, and skeletons can stick around if you want to re-visit them. But we've already put ours in storage.

If you want to put some of your Halloween characters in storage, like the Mayan, you just have to store the object/building that's associated with them. The Burns Monster we appear to be stuck with, because it's not linked to a building. Hopefully they will fix this, because we don't want that weird thing wandering around our cornucopias.