Wondering how characters in Infinite Crisis would play and what their powers would be? Well cure that curiosity with a look at Nightmare Batman and Wonder Woman in action.

A new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) from Turbine, Infinite Crisis takes DC Comic heroes from throughout the company's storied history, and puts them all in one place to battle it out for dominance. With each of your favorite iconic characters being represented with multiple different forms, there's almost no end to the variety at your disposal.

The first two character profiles released focus on Nightmare Batman (Red Rain) and Wonder Woman (New 52). Both heroes play dramatically different, though each certainly has its own advantages depending on your favorite style of play in a MOBA. Wonder Woman is a tank, capable of taking massive amounts of damage, but won't be known much for her offensive capabilities. Nightmare Batman has some pretty interesting attacks, and could be a very good mid-range combatant.

Check out both videos below for detailed accounts of the abilities each hero will have, and stay tuned for more Infinite Crisis updates as Turbine readies the PC game for its 2013 release.