A new Humble Bundle has launched for the Android platform, offering six games that belong on your phone for a price that you can name yourself.

The basic bundle includes puzzler Eliss Infinity from Finji, Duet Premium by Kumobius, and Combo Crew Special Edition from The GameBakers. By paying more than the average (which as of press time is $4.42), you'll also receive the excellent Threes! from Sirvo LLC, Crescent Moon Games' Mines of Mars, and Joe Dever's Lone Wolf from BulkyPix. The bundle also teases more games to come, so jump in now to maximize whatever you decide to pay.

The Humble Bundle is consistently the best way to build a backlog of games you may have missed, as the bundles are too good to pass up, you can pay whatever you want, andyou can distribute that pay however you wish. Want the folks who organize Humble Bundle and the developers of the games to split the money? You can do that. Want it all to go to Child's Play? That works too. The freedom is all in the hands of the consumer, and that's a wonderful thing. We love you Humble Bundle.

Check out this week's deal and details over on the official site.