A small group of animators led by Naughty Dog's Tal Peleg have created a three-minute long short film based on Dante's Inferno from Visceral Games, and it is one epic piece of video for a oft-forgotten game.

The video shows Dante in pursuit of his beloved Beatrice, fighting off hellish demons, mounting a Pegasus and coming to blows with the Grim Reaper himself. The animation is terrific, the voice acting is spot-on and everything looks like it was implemented right from the game itself, despite almost entirely being made from scratch (sound effects, soundtrack, voice-overs, and Dante's likeness were taken from the game).

The intro to the movie is a statement from Peleg, stating "Dante's Redemption was created in light of the sequel's indefinite absence and the powerful resonance the game had left on me. I began working on this project two years ago, in my spare time, on nearly all departments (keyframe animation, lighting, compositing, rendering, and editing) while having the honor of working full time at Naughty Dog."

Hey, if this video lets EA and Visceral know that a sequel to Dante's Inferno would be appreciated, then by all means let's blast the volume and let them hear it. That game was an excellent alternative to God of War and a brilliant interpretation of the classic tome, a perfect marriage of video games and literature that left us on a pretty big cliffhanger. If we read that Tal Peleg was hired by EA and working with Visceral at some point in the future, our eyes will be open.