Fan films have been around for years, but accessibility of new software and ease of distribution on the internet has opened the floodgates. Now you can decide which fan-made video is the Best Original Video of the Summer.

From 8-bit reimaginings to full-fledged CGI pieces, there's been no shortage of amazing tributes to some of our favorite video games and movies. The short works of cinematic genius have had us hitting the replay button time and time again, and these creators deserve their due. Now all you've got to do is decide which of these originals will take home the crown.

CineFix - 8-Bit Avengers

Machinima - Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist

Jhoofnail - Mario is Destroying my House

Valve - Expiration Date

Dean Wright - Mario Jumps Into Battle

Phillip Raupach - 8-Bit Matrix Dub

You can vote for your favorite once every hour. Voting closes on Sept. 7 at 9AM EST.