It's time for another Angry Birds Star Wars update!

Ever since the two of the biggest franchises in movies and mobile gaming have teamed up to make a new version of Angry Birds, Arcade Sushi has been on top of any and all Angry Bird Star Wars news. Leading up to the release of the game, we brought you daily updates on new teaser trailers, screenshots, comic updates, and fan art.

Today we have new footage for you of the latest level that takes place on everyone's favorite ice planet from the Outer Rim Territories - Hoth! The latest teaser trailer features video of a clumsy, piggy-styled AT-AT walker that's having a bit of trouble staying on its feet. It also looks a little bit like the GEICO Gekko.

The battle on the ice fields of Hoth that starts out Empire Strikes Back just might be our favorite sequence in all of Star Wars. So it's needless to say that we're pretty psyched to see what Angry Birds has in store for this.

All we can say is this: if there's not a level in this latest update where you have to slingshot a lightsaber-wielding Luke Bird into the belly of an AT-AT, then the Force is not with Rovio on this one. But there's totally going to be.

Check out the new trailer below:

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