After a recent Facebook poll on interest in another Alice game, Spicy Horse pitched some ideas to EA on a continuation of the series. But, it might not be what you were thinking.

American McGee and RJ Berg, two of the creators of the Alice franchise, headed over to EA to pitch some ideas on a new Alice title. Since their company, Spicy Horse, has been dabbling in more moderately sized games lately, they see the next Alice being slightly smaller and online focused.

They're even considering introducing user generated content into the mix. "Right now the idea is Alice in 'Otherland,'" McGee told Joystiq, "It's her invading the minds of other people and visiting their Wonderlands, and using what she's learned about her own mental landscape to go in and harm or heal the people she encounters. It means that the streets of London become the portals into 1,000, 10,000 amazing, different stories."

From the sounds of it, Spicy Horse has some interesting ideas up their sleeve for the Alice franchise, but EA still holds onto the rights and it will probably take a bit of convincing for them to fork over the cash.

Would you rather see a new Alice game as a AAA title or as something different and smaller?