American McGee has asked his fans if they'd want to help fund the next chapter in the Alice saga.

The man behind Spicy Horse Games and titles like American McGee's Grimm, Alice: Madness Returns, and the successful Kickstarter project, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, has taken to Facebook to gauge fan interest in an Alice 3.

He asked if, in the event that he could get the rights from EA, fans would play an Alice 3. American also asked if fans would be willing to back the game on Kickstarter. The reason for his wanting to measure how much interest there is in the game is because he'll be heading to GDC in two weeks and plans to talk to EA and says that having fans clamoring for the title will get them to take the prospect more seriously.

If the comment thread on the post is anything to go by, then we'll probably be seeing a Kickstarter project start up for Alice 3 relatively soon!

Would you back the game? Let us know why or why not!