After over a year of waiting patiently for the final piece of NECA's BioShock Infinite collection, Booker DeWitt has finally arrived. Despite dropping two different Motorized Patriots, a Boy of Silence, an Elizabeth and a Songbird plush, this was the centerpiece many fans of the Irrational game eagerly awaited. Though he's hardly visible at all in-game, NECA's BioShock Infinite Booker DeWitt brings the protagonist to life with sharp detail.

The first thing that caught my eye with Booker was how different his skin was compared to Elizabeth. Over the past year or so since Elizabeth was released, NECA's improved the plasticized flesh for its human characters like Rocky and Rambo. Booker gets the same treatment, and as a result, has a much more lifelike look than Elizabeth. The two still look good next to each other, but Elizabeth now looks even more ghostly and pale next to Booker. This skin doesn't just have a more realistic look, it's also got a some impressive texture. Upon close inspection, it's easy to see the wrinkles and pores and defects that make each person unique. Where once that kind of detailing was relegated to more expensive collectibles, NECA's found a way to bring it to its more affordable figures, taking simple six-inch characters to a whole new level.

That level of intricacy carries over to the rest of the figure as well. Booker's vest and shirt look solid, but the smaller details are more eye-catching. The weathered leather holster strapped across Booker's shoulders stands out, particularly considering it could easily have been omitted. It serves no real purpose outside of costuming (the pistol holstered is not removable), but adds depth to the sculpt. The Sky Hook is another area where there's some great finishing touches that could have been left out with little to no effect on the overall accessory. However, having had experience recreating the Sky Hook in full, and not one to skimp on details, NECA's included all kinds of metalwork (the crescent moon, the gears, the Fink nameplate and more) to bring the traversal tool to another level entirely. It's the small touches that separate much of NECA's work from competitors.

Where Booker falls a little short is in the articulation department. While he's got a decent range of motion, his shoulders and elbows don't present a whole lot of posing opportunities. The left elbow in particular is fixed at such a degree that it's only possible to get one true pose out of it, though at a few different angles. Additionally, the figure I purchased has some pretty obvious gaps in the wrist joints. There's clear separation no matter which way you rotate both hands, and the plugs connecting the hands to the forearms are also slightly exposed. Every other joint is fine, and the knees and ankles have enough range to allow you to get Booker into a few different stances. The paint app on this particular figure is also a little off, mostly in the vest area. The white piping is just a hair out of place, though it doesn't bring the overall look of the figure down until you're looking at it up close.

It's been a long time since BioShock Infinite has been part of the everyday conversation in the gaming sphere, but the wait for this Booker figure was definitely worth it. NECA's trademark attention to detail (right down to the AD burned into Booker's right hand) really shines in every aspect of the figure. While your mileage may vary with the limited range of his articulation, the overall sculpt is terrific. If you've been waiting as long as I have for this figure, there's no reason to wait on picking one up any longer.

The NECA BioShock Infinite Booker DeWitt is available at specialty shops now for ~$20. This figure was purchased for review.