If a Predator bleeds, you can kill it. But if it had its own video game, NECA can make a bad ass figure out of it.

NECA recently teased an upcoming figure based on the video game for 'Predator 2.' While most of you may not remember this, Acclaim (thank goodness not LJN) released a video game based on 'Predator 2' for the Sega Genesis back in 1992. You actually had to play as Danny Glover's character, Lt. Mike Harrigan (he'll always be Roger Murtaugh to us), as he tracked the Predator through his futuristic version of LA. You had to take down drug gangs and save civilians before they were all killed by the alien hunter. It had a top-down perspective, which was a bit weird considering it's a Predator game. Nevertheless, there were all sorts of Predator-based homages made to the second movie throughout the game. Earlier this year, NECA released a Jungle Hunter figure that was based off of the creature's appearance in the 1989 'Predator' video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now, it's time to move on from the jungles to the big city.

Here is NECA's post heralding the arrival of its latest video game-based figure:

While no release date has been set, we hope we'll get to see more of this bad boy sometime in early 2015.

This is what happens when we go behind the scenes at NECA: