Namco Bandai has taken the Tekken franchise and turned it into multiplayer card game for mobile devices. With Tekken Card Tournament, the longtime fighting mainstay will see its characters engaged in a different kind of battle.

Namco Bandai has posted several screenshots of the game to the Facebook page for Tekken. Based on what the screens of the game look like, players will compete in timed bouts, selecting different commands.

If Tekken Card Tournament is like any of the other card games out there, the better your deck, the better chances your commands will be executed. And of course, you will be able to bolster your collection by purchasing "booster packs" of actual, physical cards that you can import into the game by scanning QR codes imprinted on them. The cards are supposed to be available sometime this spring. We think that's pretty neat.

We are not sure of a hard release date for Tekken Card Tournament. But it's likely that we will see it on iOS and Android sometime in the next month.

For now, take a look at the screenshots below: