The incredible iOS platforming puzzle game, Monument Valley, will be getting new levels and perhaps new homes in the near future.

In an article on The Guardian, developer Ustwo spoke about the future of Monument Valley and what they plan to do with their successful puzzler.

With regard to a sequel or puzzle packs for the surprise hit, director Neil McFarland said, "We are making some more levels, but the reasons we’re doing it are artistic reasons: there are some ideas that we didn’t get to work so didn’t put in there, but which we’d like to see work. There are some other things we’d like to try."

McFarland also said that they also want to take care to not mess with the complete story they've already presented in the game, but that there are things they "want to explore without destroying that experience."

The success that Monument Valley has enjoyed prompts the question about whether or not the game will make the jump to Android. McFarland said Ustwo is talking to Google about distribution through Google Play and a PS Vita version could also be in the works. We'll update you as more information about Monument Valley's future is made available. Until then, look forward to more levels in the main game.