Launching on the same day as games like Hitman Go and FTL might have scared the developers behind the excellent iOS game Monument Valley, but as Ustwo Lead Designer Ken Wong revealed as GDC Europe, any worries the team may have had were completely unfounded.

According to Joystiq, Wong revealed that his team broke even on the game after the first week of sales. Even though it cost $4 (which may as well be $1 million in the mobile market) and despite launching against big names like those listed above, Monument Valley came out strong and saw a steady stream of momentum, reaching one million units sold with four months.

"Now, that doesn't make us rich by any measure, but we made our money back and it means that the team can stay together and make another creative, crazy project with complete creative freedom," Wong said. "This is all we ever really wanted, not to get rich, but to be sustainable."

Wong is most proud that his game is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender or age. "I think it's wonderful that young girls can get into Monument Valley and see that, 'Oh, here's a game that's not forcing me to kill people, and it's not punishing me, and it has a princess who is not a stereotypical princess,'" Wong said in his presentation.

If you haven't played Monument Valley, we're not sure what you're waiting for, because it's excellent.