With Thanksgiving and Black Friday coming up, we'd love to have the abilities (and arms), of the Cosplay of the Week, Mistral from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Those extra appendages would make it that much easier to swipe all of the delicious food and tastier sales.

Mistral is a female cyborg ninja with rockin' armor and the ability to attach Dwarf Gekko, or Tripod, arms to her armor and use them as her own. These extra arms would be located on her armor, which was equipped with badass shoulder pauldrons, and could be used as weapons. Though she utilized these arms for offense, her main weapon was a shape-shifting polearm called L'Etranger ("the stranger," in French). This could be used as both a whip and as a spear, making for a very dangerous tool of attack indeed.

Here is Singaporean cosplayer Angelus in her Mistral costume. As you can see, she's managed to attach quite a number of arms to the armor in order to stay true to the character's look. What's most impressive is that she managed to get the harness to hold all 14 of Mistral's Dwarf Gekko arms, which is no easy feat. With some luck, she'll be asked to join some Major League Baseball team soon. The bodysuit's insignia was handpainted by Angelus herself, with the details airbrushed onto the fabric. The wig was dyed to reflect Mistral's own red hues, completing the look.

Angelus did a fantastic job of assembling this costume and maintaining the outlandish look of the character. You can find more of her excellent work on The Neo Tokyo Project's Facebook page and her own personal Facebook. All of the photos were taken by The Art of Mezame, whose work can be found on Facebook and on theartofmezame.com.

The Art of Mezame
The Art of Mezame

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