Konami and Platinum have teamed for yet another installment of downloadable content for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. While the first add-on gave us a chance to play as antagonist Jetstream Sam, this new content features Raiden's computerized canine companion, LQ-84i (aka Blade Wolf). Those hoping for a more engaging or robust experience than was previously delivered in the Jetstream Sam DLC should look elsewhere, as Blade Wolf is another incredibly short and unsatisfying addition to MGR.

Blade Wolf's story takes place before the beginning of Metal Gear Rising. Mistral is testing LQ-84i in a series of VR missions, while she prepares to assist in the take over of the facility Raiden first visits. Mistral has teamed with another Desperado operative named Khamsin to supposedly bring freedom to the area. Mistral has other ideas though, and to make her plans a reality, she'll need LQ-84i to take out Khamsin. There's a bit more character development in this add-on than there was in Jetstream Sam, but if you were expecting a deeper look at the events prior to Raiden's first encounter with LQ-84i, you are out of luck.

At just around an hour of play, there isn't a lot of meat to Blade Wolf's bones. Considering a large percentage of the DLC is VR missions training you to use the new abilities, it's quite disappointing to find the whole experience over after one legitimate mission. After learning the ins and outs of all the new techniques and tactics, you hardly get to use them at all. Unlike Jetstream Sam, who plays so similarly to Raiden, Blade Wolf is a completely different experience, and it would have been nice to get more of that. Blade Wolf's stealth finisher is especially fun to use, but you don't get to see any of the insane agility he displayed in his boss battles from Raiden's or Sam's story. Sadly, both DLC characters are only playable in the extra content, and not the core game. At least this time around you get an entirely new boss character to defeat, even if the environments are 100 percent recycled from the game.

The worst part is, just as things start to get interesting, the add-on comes to a screeching halt. Blade Wolf is certainly an interesting character, as his logic and quest for freedom make him rather compelling. Those themes are explored just a tiny bit, and it would have been great to see some more depth added to the backstory of the artificial intelligence companion. Blade Wolf had plenty of his own missions we never got to see during the main story, and seeing him working in conjunction with Raiden could have given Platinum even more room to explore the dynamic. It's just a shame we don't get to spend more meaningful time with the character.

Even with the new boss and new moves, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's Blade Wolf DLC is a bit of a disappointment. There's just not enough content here to make this add-on stand out. It's fun to play, and certainly Metal Gear loyalists are going to be interested in checking it out. Ultimately though, Blade Wolf is another missed opportunity on Platinum's part.

This review is based on the PlayStation 3 version of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Blade Wolf. A code was provided to us by the publisher.

5.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating