Filmmaker and visual effects guru Freddie Wong has released a video in which we're introduced to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's Raiden, Patrick Bateman-style.

In a nod to the film American Psycho, Freddie Wong's video sweeps through a posh apartment and follows Raiden's morning routine as some soft piano music floats in the background.

A low, almost growling Raiden narrates every step of his routine, whispering it to us almost intimately. Everything he does relates to cyborg maintenance. He even cuts up his fruit using the slicing mechanic from the game.

We're treated to a look inside his mind as he fantasizes about dropping down from his balcony and then killing some people on the sidewalk. What ensues is slightly NSFW, especially if you're squeamish when it comes to dismemberment and flying body parts.

You can watch Wong's video below and then the original introduction to Patrick Bateman right after it. Compare the two and let us know how you think Wong's video stacks up against the movie! By the way, you'll see Christian Bale in the shower, so let's add a slightly NSFW warning here for Batman's bare butt.